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Date:2006-01-12 14:17
Subject:The Life Update
Mood: chipper

Ahhhh where to begin?

Well, in addition to staying with Leia, I've got two new roommates. Mo Fuzz likes to wake me up at 4 am to be petted, bites for fun, and claws at the carpet and furniture if I ignore him too long. He enjoys interrupting me by coughing up hairballs (like right in the middle of this post).

Rei aka Chubby will eat til she vomits, headbutts me when she wants to be petted, and won't sleep on the bed unless I pick her up and put her there. Until then, she meows constantly to keep me awake. She is also the alarm clock, waking us up bright and early cuz she's hungry.

I don't think I've slept for 8 hours straight once. But they're cute, so they get away with it.

I'm still alive, Leia hasn't stabbed me in my sleep, so I assume things are going well. Though she kicks in her sleep sometimes.

I've been back and forth between Canada and America. I do miss Canada, though America has perks. Forgot how good Pay Day bars were, or what Krispy Kremes tasted like. And tomorrow, we're getting pizza from Papa John's. Wh00t!

Which reminds me, why can't there be Papa John's in Windsor? There's Hungry Howie's, and if you Windsor folks haven't had it, go now. Extra cajun crust. Yes.

My feature finally got published. Just gotta convert to PDF and post online and so there should be a link sometime soon.

I need to start writing more though. I've been really lazy about it, but working on getting more done in the days. Of course, I'm counting LJ as part of my productivity :p

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Date:2006-01-11 15:35
Subject:The 2006 election
Mood: awake

Just in case you wanted to skip it, here's what happens:

Paul Martin does his used car salesman routine for weeks, killing his party's chance of getting re-elected.

The Bloc acts like a buncha smug assholes, and still wins a buncha seats.

Jack Layton's NDP rides a surge of popularity, and looks to make big gains.

The Conservatives release their platform on a single page: "We're not the Liberals." The full report reads:

"We support what the Liberals oppose. We oppose what the Liberals support. Want to know where we stand? Check the Liberal platform first."

The Conservatives freak out about gay marriage to make their bible thumpin' core happy. No other party gives a shit.

The Liberals use scare tactics, painting the Conservatives as a buncha morons.

Stephen Harper proves the Liberals right.

The Liberals continue with the scare tactics, making lots of potential NDP voters vote strategically.

The Green Party corners the hippy/tree hugger votes. All 5%. They win no seats, and no one knows who the leader is still.

Stephen Harper rides his "no-platform" platform to a huge lead, then blows it a few days before the election.

The Liberals win a minority. The Conservatives and Bloc vow to bring it down. The government becomes paralyzed and useless for the next two years, until an election comes up.

Oh wait, that was last election...and this one looks the same.

One sidenote that cracked me up. zeronobus posted about the Green Party platform being released, and some Conservative zealot jumped on it, wondering why there was nothing in it about gay marriage. Where does the party stand, eh???

Uhhh...that "issue" has already been resolved and passed into law. It's done. No party has to publish an opinion on it because IT IS OVER. It'd be the equivilant of me demanding that the Conservative Party publish their stance on letting black people and yellow people vote. "WHY ISN'T IT THERE???"

Gay marriage has been legal for a while, and no, the world did not end.

I am trying to track this election, but it's just...so...dumb. The best part is that we will probably be back here in another 2 years.

EDIT: 2006 election...2006. Not 2005. Thanks zeronobus. Ahh hell, it's the same damn thing :P

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Date:2006-01-02 20:22
Subject:the new year

Happy New Year everyone. Too tired to be coherent so random ramblings it is.

Leia got me Animal Crossing for the DS for Christmas, which is wickedly addicting. She had never heard of it, but now she plays more than I do :P

The other night, we were sleeping. Leia grabs my pillow while my HEAD is on it. I grab it and pull it back.

Where is hers? Right above her head. One inch away.


I'm good though, still alive, things are still going well.

So new year's resolutions...who's got 'em? Mine is the same as the past few years, why mess with perfection? :P

Hope everyone had a good one.

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Date:2005-12-20 16:06
Mood: sleepy

I'm sure I missed a few holidays in there.

Anyways, the more I watch CNN/Fox News, the more I realize Jon Stewart's Daily Show may be the best news coverage in the media. Sure, it's filled with wisecracks, but it has less bias than the shoddy networks. I know some Republicans feel the Daily Show is biased against Republicans, but the reality is they'd be making fun of Democrats if the Democrats actually ever did something.

Besides, calling a moron a moron isn't "bias" as Republicans like to think; it's just calling it like it is.

Great piece on the Daily Show a few days ago about Bill O'Reilly where they showed a segment of his show where he argued that saying "Merry Christmas" wasn't offensive to people of other faiths. Actually, I agreed with him and the world turned upside-down.

Luckily, they showed a segment later on in the show of his guest countering by saying if "Merry Christmas" wasn't offensive to other religions, why is "Happy Holidays" offensive to Christians? And O'Reilly shouted out that it was offensive, it was different. And the world turned back to normal.

I'm done most of my Christmas shopping. As always, I leave it til late. I got Leia's gifts all in one day at the mall.

Since I'm a horrible gift wrapper, I used it to my advantage this year by turning out a jumbled mess of wrapping that combined all her gifts into one deformed big package, which includes fragile parts. She can't shake it around to guess what it is, and quite frankly it looks like a dead duck wrapped up in holiday giftwrap. Just needs a ribbon.

Moments from the mall:

- I wandered into the Hello Kitty shop and there was only one other guy in there. We both had the same bewildered look on our faces as we stared at all the crap.

- I want to stab people in the face dislike when people suddenly forget something, turn around and bolt in the opposite direction without thinking they might run into someone.

- Retail people always deal with the worst abuse around Christmastime. Funny how that works. And why is it that when a customer is an asshole, it's okay?

- And please explain why a black woman can be a total bitch to a retail person and when the retail person has enough, he's a "racist" just because he's white? No, he's just a guy who doesn't want to put up with a bitchy customer...black, white, or yellow.

- Why can I go to 20 different women's clothes shops (for my girlfriend, you perverts) and not find a single pair of waterproof gloves? Why???

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Date:2005-12-15 15:18
Subject:Amayorka...fuck yeah!
Mood: awake

Well, it's been a while but I'm still alive despite spending a whole month now in America. I'm on extended vacation at Leia's, which is a fancy way of saying it's a trial of living together. I think it's been going well so far, she hasn't stabbed me in my sleep yet, so that's encouraging.

America is a weird place. What's up with Chicken in a Biscuit???

Anyways, my time here hasn't been too productive, though I've gotten to experience some of my top 10 fav things about America. The list:

1. Hostess Fruit Pies - Check!
2. Krispy Kreme - Check!
3. White Castle - Pending
4. The land of freedom and democracyRidiculously large malls to worship the god of consumerism - Check!
5. Denny's - Not Yet
6. ESPN - Check! Daily too, much to Leia's annoyance
7. Fox News - Check! More amusing than Comedy Central, and yes, it's a guilty pleasure.
8. ...?

Okay, still trying to find a few more wonderful things here to fill this list out but I'm sure they exist. Give me some time.

My Delorean article finally got published. It did get revised quite a bit more than I expected. Link below:


I kinda fell massively behind on a lot of things and have had trouble getting caught up, hence I haven't been on much. I'm taking steps to work on this, and I hope I'll be updating more frequently and catching up on all your lives. Sorry about the delay though.

I am learning to live with cats too. Leia has two, and they're adorable and I do really love them, but it has taken some adjusting. Mo Fuzz likes to wake me up at 5 or 6 am every morning cuz he wants attention, and I can't ignore him or else he walks on my chest til I am awake.

But I love it here, things have been going great, and I hope I didn't worry anyone.

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Date:2005-11-11 15:30
Subject:We remember
Mood: contemplative

I can't find the words this year to properly reflect how I feel. So I'll point to last year's post:


I remember the sacrifices made, I give thanks to those who went to war so I could live a life of peace.

There are no words to truly show what this all means to me. But I shall always remember.

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Date:2005-11-10 17:30
Subject:Try thinking for yourself before you pelt an innocent man with cigarettes!
Mood: contemplative

Clerks is awesome.

So I'm in America right now, at the GF's new place...spending a few weeks here, it'll be interesting. Leia's at work, so it's just me and the cats.

America is a weird country. But they have Hostess Fruit Pies, so it's not all that bad.

For all my Windsor friends I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to, don't worry, I'll be back :P

I probably should write something interesting or fascinating, but for the life of me, I can't think of anything that fits either category :P

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Date:2005-10-31 18:14
Subject:Mondays are scary
Mood: bored

I'm handing out candy for the kiddles today. There's Glosette Raisins in the variety pack, which suck, so I feel bad giving them out to the kids. But if I don't give them out, I'm gonna get shafted with them.

So if the kids ring the doorbell, they're getting Raisins. If they knock, they get the good chocolate. Life isn't fair, but that's the way I'm gonna do it.

They can't complain really. Even Glosette Raisins are better than the potato I got one year. That's right, a fawking potato.

Rob Babcock is a jackass. He's always been a jackass, but they just had him on The Score for an interview and he totally sounded and looked like a jackass. Sonofa...

Nanowrimo starts tomorrow. I'm gonna do my own thing this year, but try to keep up in the forums. I really liked my novel from last year, so I'm going to build on that and try and develop it into a full novel. The Nanoedmo challenge really didn't help me as much as I thought, so I hope this will work out better.

Good luck to anyone trying it. And if you don't know what I'm talking about, National Novel Writing Month, check it out here:


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Date:2005-10-25 13:08
Subject:Random bits
Mood: contemplative

Sometimes, I think we all feel that we are powerless to change the world. What can one person do against the world?

Then I think of Rosa Parks, and how she sparked a civil rights movement that changed the face of America simply by refusing to give up her seat. She just sat there calmly, spoke politely with the bus driver as she told him she wasn't getting up.

We don't need to move mountains to create change. And we don't need to scream to be heard by a nation either.

Rest in peace, Rosa Parks.

Bob Cole and Harry Neale are horrible. I feel badly about that, since they have been a part of HNIC since I was a child, but it's time for both to move on. Borderline senility is not fun to listen to consistently.

The #2 team with Jim Hughson was excellent though.

Oh, and last Saturday's games were the first I've watched in full. Same old Leafs; can't clear their own zone, take bad penalties, hold onto the puck too long. I know it's only one game but gah. Welcome back hockey.

I can't wait for the American invasion of Colombia. You heard it here first.

Dubya will argue that securing the world's coffee supply is critical to protecting America's economy (true), that any cut in the supply of coffee would result in a world-wide depression. He'll also throw in that terrorists are targeting coffee because they hate freedom.

Plus Colombians are...are...BROWN! BROWN = TERRORIST! And God wants us to kill! It's in the Bible!

If you think that sounds stupid, just remember, I listened to far worse "justifications" for Iraq. The difference: I'm joking, while those assholes seriously believed their own bullshit.

I'm working on another story, can't give out too much info on it yet but it is between the government and special rights groups. So basically, liars to the left, liars to the right. Fun.

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Date:2005-10-24 11:20
Subject:Love is a strange thing
Mood: sleepy

So Leia was explaining her nightmare to me the other night. Most people have nightmares of murderers or vampires, of being chased or almost dying.

Hers involve not being able to get a burger from Harvey's.

Apparently we go through the drive-through at Harvey's, and they screw up the order and forget her burger. And so she goes in to get another burger. And it takes them so long to make it, and even longer to garnish it and then it sits on the counter, waiting for someone to ring up her order. And she gets more and more frustrated as each second passes, as distraction after distraction come up.

Finally someone bothers to ring her up, and she walks back out to the parking lot. I see her and I ask, "Where's your burger?" She forgot it inside, and starts to scream. Then she wakes up.

Her comments to me? "And where were you the whole time? Why didn't you come inside to see if I was okay?"

My response? "I was probably eating your fries."

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Date:2005-10-20 15:54
Subject:What the
Mood: busy

Yes, I'm alive. Sorry if I worried anyone.

The last few weeks have been odd...kinda disconnected from reality really. I felt like one of those power bars that has other power bars plugged into it and all sortsa cables running through it, and then it just got to be a bit much and the whole damn thing asploded.

But I'm okay, slowly plugging things in bit by bit.

LJLand is one of those things that kinda got neglected and is slowly returning. I hope I didn't miss anything crazy. Please comment with a link to something if you feel I should read it about your lives. I will do my best to catch up.

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Date:2005-09-19 09:24
Mood: sleepy

Things I learned from the Hurricane Katrina disaster:

- poor people really don't count in America. I know we all pretend that every man is created equal, but when you look at the government's response, the answer is pretty obvious.
- black people = looters.
- white people = survivors hunting down supplies.
- you don't need any qualifications to become the head of FEMA
- or the president of the United States of America
- former presidents Bush and Clinton are doing more than Dubya
- so is the National Football League (no joke)
- you can play the guitar and smile like a jackass during "one of the worst natural disasters in our nation's history," as you call it later on.

I haven't been around much, as some of you may have noticed. I have kinda been avoiding the real world since it is teh sux. But I am going to be better about it. Hope everyone's been keeping well. I'm not going back over the last week's worth of entries, or else I'd never catch up, but if there's something important I should read, please link it here :)

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Date:2005-09-11 11:48
Mood: angry

Dear President Bush,

Just thought you should know that on 9/11/2001, America was attacked by al-Qaeda, and the man responsible for it was Saddam Hussein Osama bin Laden.

I know there was some confusion over this. Since it took the world about a day or two to figure it out, it is a bit unfair to expect your administration to understand 4 years later as you screw around in Iraq. But I thought someone should let you know, since apparently you've forgotten.

Thousands of Americans were killed in the attack. I am not blaming you for it, but I think you might want to take a break from slaughtering the Iraqis to at least make a token effort to catch bin Laden again. I know it seemed like a lot of work to go into the mountains when you had him cornered, but sometimes as President, you should make that extra little effort.

Because what happened four years ago today still isn't over. And the man responsible for it still is not caught. And though nothing could change the horror of 9/11, capturing bin Laden would be a step towards the healing. But for the past few years, I've really wondered if you forgot. I know I haven't, and millions of others haven't either.

I know the neo-cons that surround you have their heads too far up their asses to see much, but I think most Americans would appreciate it if you could at least remember about that bin Laden guy sometimes, and I thought I would take the time to remind you about him.


James Chung

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Date:2005-08-31 20:42
Subject:The last week or so
Mood: sleepy

Won't make dial-up cry, but maybe whine a lil:

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Date:2005-08-31 10:24
Subject:A bit of an update
Mood: sleepy

Domino was born yesterday in the food court of the mall, after we grabbed a quick meal from Taco Bell. I had hoped we'd name the first puppy Default, so we could make mistakes and then delete him and start from scratch, but once Leia named him, I knew he was ours.

Yeah, I got my copy of Nintendogs yesterday, and it really does kick ass. Leia created Domino, a German Sheppard, to start with. After getting the hang of the frisbee, we got a female sheepdog who is mischievous, so I named her Trouble.

But Leia was even cuter than the puppies as she was talking to the DS, pronouncing the dog's name for it while everyone at the food court just stared at her. And listening to her talk while she plays is so adorable. "That's a good puppy...ooooh you like getting your tummy rubbed..." ;)

I think I'm dead for that last line. Oh well.

Saw The 40 Year Old Virgin last night, and was surprised by it. It was a lot better than I first thought it'd be, while at the same time it could have been a lot better. It was enjoyable though.

Also saw The Brothers Grimm, and if you can avoid it, you should.

Lost in the hustle and the bustle of the last week was a quick trip to Toronto. It was a bit rushed, wasn't sure if we'd go til last minute, so sorry to all those I didn't get a chance to see. I seem to have a lot of LJ friends from Toronto, and one day we'll have to meet up.

We drove up Wednesday, along with my friend Kad, who drove up separately since he wanted to stay longer. We got in around 4 pm, then off to meet up with ardin_resolute. And we were late. My bad, my bad. Then dinner at Einstein's, and yes, I remembered to take photos of Andrew this time. Or he reminded me. I'm so bad about these things. Then off to Crocodile Rock, which was dead when we got there. It livened up later on though.

Grabbed jerk chicken dinners from this tiny lil place in a sketchy lil back alley. Apparently that's the place to find awesome jerk chicken...anyways, one drunken guy is sitting on the parking blocks eating. The next minute, he's on his back, his jerk chicken dinner flying up and then crashing down next to his head. Lush.

After very little sleep, went out Thursday for dim sum with ardin_resolute again. I'd like to say it's because Andrew can't get enough of hanging with me, but the reality is that stupid me forgot to give him a DVD the previous day. But it was a good start to the day, and yummy dim sum, though I avoided the squid. I got an awesome shirt from the Ryerson bookstore. The Ryerson logo is on the front; the back says:

Friends Don't Let Friends Go To...U of T*
*...or York, or Brock, or McMaster or Waterloo...

Leia browsed around the fashion district, then spent $16 on candy at Tutti Frutti when I turned my head to take a phone call. Like one minute, she had a package of blueberry chocolates, the next minute $16 worth of candy. Women!

Met up with my younger brother for dinner at Tortilla Flats. Afterwards, hit the Riv for a drink. Holy overpriced yuppy place. I'm sorry, but $11 for two domestic bottles is ridiculous. Then off to the Velvet for cheap drinks yay. jordansjournal met up with us there. We had a table full of beers, which was pretty ridiculous. $2.50 beers til midnight, so everyone went nuts buying rounds. I had 2 beers waiting before I finished my first. Then Amato's for pizza mmmmmmmmmm. Then bed.

Friday morning, we packed up our stuff and tried to hit Yumei Sushi before heading out but it was closed. Bastards. Grabbed a coffee and headed out. It was a short 3 days, but a good time nonetheless. Hopefully next time we'll be able to spend more time in the city.

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Date:2005-08-29 15:56
Mood: exhausted

Things have been a bit hectic, but I'm still here. Somewhere.

Got a lot to update on, but no energy at this moment.

To keithnola, hope you're dealing okay with Hurricane Katrina.

Okay, must go finish up some stuff. Bigger update later.

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Date:2005-08-22 21:05
Subject:The summertime
Mood: sleepy

Had a kickass weekend.

Friday, got some great meat slices from Sam's before heading over to Leia's for the weekend. I <3 Sam's pizza.

Saturday, the family reunion was interesting. I have to be nice to Aunt Debbie, because she can be a bad enemy to have, I think. She was picking on some of the others, but so far nice to me. Though as she explained, "We're trying to behave cuz you're not family yet."

Also went to the World Market where I found some intriguing new beers. In particular, I'd like to say that if you're a fan of the India pale ales, Dogfish Head has an amazing 90-minute IPA that I looooooooved. Leia got a bottle of chili beer, which indeed had a chili pepper in it. I didn't drink it. Screw that.

Sunday, we had the perfect summer day at her friend's BBQ. Everyone had to bring or buy something they had never made/bought before. Leia made these fantastic meatballs, while I made chicken souvlaki. The plan was that if the souvlaki was horrible, I'd blame her cuz she helped me make it. And if it was good, I'd take full credit. Win/win.

The place was right on the lake, so there was much swimming and canoeing and paddle boating and fishing and bocci and food and fun for all. The evening was capped with S'mores around a bonfire. I smelled like smoke til today cuz I was too lazy to shower.

Leia and I both caught our first fishes. I caught mine first (on my first throw too), and when she caught hers, she had to remark that hers was bigger. Brat. Then she beamed an angelic smile while the others took photos of her with her catch. So I tried again and got a bigger fish than hers. Take that, sucka.

All in all, it was a perfect summer day. Don't get too many of those in life.

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Date:2005-08-19 20:39
Subject:What the
Mood: bored

Reason #8,158,993 to hate cell phone users: Old woman announcing to everyone in the coffee shop about so and so's funeral, while sounding completely phony and insincere. "You did the best you could." "Oh that will be lovely." "I will try my darndest to make it."

Best part? "THE MUSIC IN HERE IS SO LOUD, IT MAKES IT HARD TO HEAR!" While yelling way louder than the mood music.

They say the good die young. Of course, it implies the annoying live longer. Why is that?

I'm gone for the weekend, off to spend it with Leia. Tomorrow, some family reunion thing. Should be fun. I love how some of the family members treat me like a foreigner when they find out I'm Canadian. "Oh, you are Canadian, EH? Can-you-understand-what-I-am-saying?"

It's amusing :)

Then Sunday, Leia's friend is having a BBQ. Should be good times, good times. Hope everyone has a great weekend, and watch out for tornadoes apparently.

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Date:2005-08-18 18:53
Subject:On that dating game thing
Mood: awake

DCBachelor wrote something fascinating today, probably not feminist-friendly, but still pretty accurate. Some people may think this is directed at them in some parts, but the reality is it's just cultural observation.

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Date:2005-08-15 21:53
Subject:It's been a while...
Mood: exhausted

So I went for a joyride in a Delorean DMC-12. Sweeeeeeeeeet. It's for a piece I'm writing. There was no plutonium core, but it was great fun nonetheless.

Hit a club Friday night and some scary woman was bugging me:

her: So do you dance?
me: Nope, it's against my religion
her: Really?
me: What can you do? It's religion...

That should be the most obvious hint I'm not interested. Leave me alone.

Saturday, there were a pair of stag parties I missed cuz I was sick. So, sorry Jeremy and Tom. About missing the stag, not about getting married. Well that too. But I meant...oh hell, never mind.

Ran into someone today. Someone I say, because I don't really know if it was the person I thought it was. It looked vaguely like Paul Bushnell, this kid I went to highschool with, and I looked at him and he looked at me and we pretended to recognize each other and talked for a few minutes before saying goodbye. Now I'm not so sure it was Paul. Oh well.

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